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Info about JOAB

JOAB is a leading company in the Nordic region within superstructures for trucks and has approx. 280 employees. We develop, manufacture and sell hook lifts, cranes, skip loaders, the market’s smartest swap system CameleontTM as well as Refuse Collection Vehicle.

Development and manufacture is conducted entirely in-house, with control and quality in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. JOAB offers high quality products, technical skill and service for the best long-term solution and investment for our customers.

The turnover of JOAB Group is approx. 900 MSEK. The majority of sales go to the Nordic countries, but also to Switzerland, Austria, the Baltic countries and the Middle East.

On the 1st April 2019, the JOAB Group acquired Pro Lift Oy’s operations. This means that Pro Lift’s present operations will be driven further, supplemented and be expanded with sales and service from JOAB’s other product ranges.

What is Pro Lift?

Pro Lift is a bodybuilding company that works with customised superstructures and HMF truck cranes. The operation currently has 12 employees and is located in Nurmijärvi, about 35 km north of Helsinki.

Why is JOAB acquiring Pro Lift?

Pro Lift is an operation that possesses great professional skills and is an attractive business with its advanced customised constructions. By Pro Lift joining JOAB, JOAB’s Finnish operations are
supplemented and broadened with HMF cranes and customised superstructures. We will also be closer to our Finnish customers and suppliers when it comes to support and servicing. JOAB’s operations in Finland will thus have greater opportunities to grow and develop.

How does this affect me as an existing JOAB or Pro Lift customer?

We will be able to help and make things easier for our customers because our product range and our service market will be strengthened and developed. Your contact with staff from JOAB or Pro Lift and existing working methods will remain unchanged and will continue as normal.

Will Pro Lift retain its name?

Pro Lift’s operations will be part of JOAB Finland Oy and thus be included in the JOAB Group.

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